The way of life for everyone seeking to improve their health and well-being for the better. Our classes are not just aimed to strengthen your physique but decrease your stress as well.

All of our facilities are and tailored collection of exercises are available to help you achieved our individual goals, whether that may be physical fitness or just to feel relaxed and healthy. We want to help you feel more empowered and to be the best you.

Regardless of whether you are staying with us at the hotel, a member, or just passing through - we can help you feel better during and after your time spent at Welladee.


Here in Wella Len, we offer a great selection of group exercises whether you are aiming to increase your muscular strength or you want to do some high energy training.
We provide:

  1. Circuit training; a fun energetic workout incorporating high and low aerobic moves, great for calorie burning.
  2. Yoga with well-versed teachers that will provide knowledge helping you focus not only on your physical strength but your mental and spiritual well-being as well.
  3. Physio classes are taken by qualified and clinically trained physiotherapists. These classes are aimed to help rehabilitate and aid muscle recovery by enhancing body awareness and posture. Plus it is a great social interaction for all ages and we guarantee that will be a lot of fun!


Huber 360 evolution is a new alternative to enhance your exercising for healthy lovers as it produces more result within short period of time. The principle of HUBER 360 EVELUTION is to train muscles both physical and neurological ways which focus on both core muscles and all part of the body to makes it possible to burn and build muscle more efficiently. This unique training is supervised under well-trained health professionals, so it is entirely safe.


LPG endermologie® It is a world-class innovation that has been tested and scientifically researched. Which can stimulate fibroblast cells to the deep layers of the skin, causing the formation of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. Using the principle of mechanical frequency in combination with vacuum and multi-directional massage. Stimulate the skin naturally and cause cellular energy metabolism. The LPG patented treatment heads deliver an intense but always pleasant stimulation.


Aquatic exercise is the application of water properties for exercising with gentle movement inside the water to reduce impact on joints.

It helps reduce injuries while exercising, improve muscular flexibility, endurance, strength, metabolism and reduce stress from work.

It is suitable for all ages especially with groups of people who face with obesity issue, and elderly as it allows attendees to move freely, safely, and helps cooling core body temperature effectively.